Here are the best deals on Huawei P10 in the UAE

In the market for a Huawei P10? We’ve got all the best deals

16 April 2017
by Stuff Staff

Heard about the new Huawei phones?

The Huawei P10 is up there with the very best Androids: it has two amazing cameras round the back and enough speed to fly through the most demanding of games. We say as much in our detailed review.

Once you’ve made up your mind to get one, you’ll want to scroll down this article – because we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and have rounded up the best deals in the UAE for this awesome handset.


Huawei’s P10 is out now in the UAE and available to buy, here are the best deals around today.




The UAE’s biggest telco is offering the P10 via its ‘Smart Pay’ program on either a 12, 18 or 24 month contracts.

The best out of the three deals has to be the 12 month plan that nets you the handset for a monthly fee of only Dhs162.

This means that over the full length of the year-long contract, the phone will end up costing Dhs1,944, that’s only Dhs45 over its recommended retail price of Dhs1,899. Not a bad option if you don’t want to spend the cash upfront

Etisalat are also throwing in 10GB of free data per month for prepaid customers who purchase the Huawei P10 through the Deal of the Day offer.

Total cost of ownership: Dhs1,944



Du are not currently offering the Huawei P10 for sale, either on contract or SIM-free, however you can get the equally excellent Huawei Mate 9 from the carrier for zero upfront, at Dhs360 per month on a 12-month contract.




According to their website, Axiom are offering a 3% discount off the Dhs1,949 purchase price of the device. However, some quick maths reveals that this simply brings it in line with all the other retailers on this list. Nice try, Axiom, but we’ve got our eye on you.

You do, however, get free delivery as well as cash/card on delivery services.

Price: Dhs1,899



While not offering a range of preorder bonuses, Jumbo will deliver the device to your door at no cost with a ‘5-Days No-Fuss Exchange’ offer in case you decide you don’t like the phone.

Price: Dhs1,899


Plug Ins

Plug Ins aren’t offering any fancy bells and whistles with their Huawei P10 orders, but they will deliver the device to your doorstep free of charge within 2-5 business days. Or if you’re happy to collect it in-store, you can do so the same day you order as long as its before 6pm.

Price: Dhs1,899


Sharaf DG

Letting the side down a bit, Sharaf DG are charging a fee if you want the phone delivered. Thankfully, in-store pickup won’t cost you anything extra – well, except petrol money.

Price: Dhs1,899 (plus Dhs18 delivery fee)

Normally known for their great deals on electronics,’s Huawei P10 order cupboard is uncharacteristically bare. Aside from free delivery, they offer options for extended warranty which include damage protection – but these come at an additional cost.

Price: Dhs1,899



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