BenQ’s newest monitors are built with an eye on HDR

Plus they can help alleviate eye strain

12 March 2018
by Mike Priest

As humans, we spend a lot of time sitting in front of screens. These days it tends to be more on our smartphone than anywhere else, but if you are going to sit at a computer for hours on end you may as well have the most pleasurable viewing experience possible.

That’s what display maker BenQ thinks anyway, and their new line of monitors are designed to give you comfortable screen time whether you’re binge-watching the latest season of Jessica Jones, or staying up all night fragging n00bs on Overwatch.

The EW277HDR above is (as its name would suggest) an HDR-equipped monitor that, thanks to its Vertical Alignment panels, offers up a 3000:1 native contrast ratio with a wide colour gamut reaching a whopping 93-percent of cinematic DCI-P3. What does that mean? Well, better and more accurate colour reproduction for a start. It also can upscale SD content as an added feature. Its 4K brother, the EL2870 (no pictured), also boasts HDR smarts for extra eye-popping effect in glorious ultra HD.

Both monitors have a host of tech in them to help manage colour temperature and automatically adjust brightness so that they don’t over-tax your eyes which should serve you well for your next Netflix marathon.

Local pricing and availability are not yet known, but we will update this story once we know more.



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