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Lost Planet 3: massive mechs and giant crabs

Check out the trailer for Lost Planet 3 and you'll understand why Deadliest Catch has it easy [...]

Capcom announce Lost Planet 3

Capcom teased us last week with gameplay footage of its latest Lost Planet game, and we’re glad to finally be able to make it official. Say hello to Lost Planet 3, all set to land on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Window...

Watch Street Fighter X Tekken on PS Vita

Put aside your differences and resolve to settle your arguments with fists. Or maybe its more practical to watch the trailer for Street Fighter X Tekken [...]

Dragon’s Dogma debut trailer

The dragon is coming, and if your day's missing three-headed hydras and flaming griffins check out the Dragon Dogma trailer [...]

Watch the horror begin: Resident Evil 6

It's Racoon CIty all over again, but with 70,000 hostiles... Don't believe us? Watch the trailer for Resident Evil 6 [...]

Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour trailer

Computers almost extinct? The USA invaded? Two-legged tanks? Enough questions, its time for you to check out the trailer for Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour [...]

Resident Evil 6 set to infect consoles in October

The latest from the fright franchise looks set to invade our homes and infect our consoles with zombie fever this October, with the launch of Resident Evil 6. Set in 2013, players will get to switch between three main character...

Drive virtual tanks in Steel Battalion: Heavy Armour

If you thought those two-legged walkers from Star Wars were badass, you’ve seen nothing yet. The gaming boffs behind Form Software are keen on two-legged tanks it seems, and have put together some of the biggest and badde...

Dragon’s Dogma readies its assault on Skyrim

Capitalizing on our bloodlust for fantasy titles like Skyrim, and the huge success of Game Of Thrones, Capcom is readying your next dragon-flavoured fix with its upcoming open-world RPG Dragon’s Dogma. It’s set to l...

World’s first flying prayer app launched

The aptly named Air Travel Prayer Time Calculator app does precisely what it says on the tin; it’s designed to help Muslims calculate prayer times while flying. The app uses information like your departure times, arrival ...

Next-gen rescue robots to battle for DARPA funding

The Pentagon’s advanced research lab has just announced a competition to develop next-gen rescue robots, with a prize of US$2 million. DARPA aims to use the winning robots as the foundation for creating more effective robots ...

Samsung launches 2012 range of Smart TVs in the UAE

Samsung has just launched its 2012 Samsung Smart TV lineup in the Dubai Mall, and if its baffling PR floorshow was to be believed the new range is literally out of this world. The ES8000 series, along with the ES7500s, are equi...

Five gadgets you need to survive Sandance

Sandance is your chance to chill on Nasimi beach and listen to cool chunes, but you can lose a lot more than just yourself in the music. So with your hard earned money, and an awesome night at stake, here is a Stuff’s sur...

Dubai Police to monitor your poking on social media

Looks like its time to double, or even triple check your privacy settings as the Dubai police announced that websites such as Facebook and Twitter will be monitored by anti-electronic crime teams across the UAE. Major Salem Oba...

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