Alto’s Odyssey is the long-awaited sequel to one of the greatest mobile games

Coming first to iOS

13 February 2018
by Stuff Staff

We live in a world where thousands of smartphone games are released – roughly – every three and a half seconds, but only a select few are compelling enough to become a morning commute go-to for months on end.

For a lot of people, 2015’s Alto’s Adventure was just that. A 2D endless snowboarding game, its marriage of intuitive one-finger controls and stunning visuals made for an almost meditative experience, even if you were frequently being pursued by angry, stick-wielding elders.

Incoming sequel Alto’s Odyssey swaps snow for the sandy desert, but you’re still on a board, and the goal remains the same: keep going. Taking place in three separate ‘biomes’, Odyssey adds new environmental hazards, wall riding and hot air balloons for you to bounce off, but otherwise it looks reassuringly familiar, and if anything even easier on the eye than the original.

You can pre-order on iOS and Apple TV (Android will come later) right now for a February 22 launch date. Happy riding.



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