Acer’s Predator Orion 9000 gaming PC is a bit more than wheely good

Too much power for mere mortals to handle

04 September 2017
by Stuff Staff

Power levels? They’re over 9000 for sure.

The Orion 9000 is Acer turning everything up to eleven, deciding that’s not loud enough, and cranking it even more.

It might look like a cabinet that’s fast-travelled from the early naughties, full of glowing LEDs and even wheels on the back, but what’s inside is a chunk of hardware so powerful (and pricey) that it’s guaranteed to smash your wallet into pieces.

An 18-core Intel i9 Extreme Edition CPU. Two GTX 1080Ti or four Radeon RX Vega graphics cards. And that’s just scratching the surface: how does 128GB of DDR4 RAM sound? It’s not afraid of water, either, with Acer’s IceTunnel 2.0 liquid cooling keeping temperatures in check.

It’s more a gloriously OTT graphics workstation than a gaming rig, but come on – it’ll eat your games up like hot dinners anyway. No word on price for a fully kitted-out model yet, but expect it to be high. How High? Maybe over 9000…



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