Hands-on review: HTC Desire X

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HTC Desire X hands on review

HTC Desire X hands on review: build

Borrowing the design language of the flagship HTC One X, the Desire X is a curvy, slender smartphone that feels sturdy yet soft, thanks to the textured polycarbonate material used in its construction. It’s not a unibody design – the back pops off so you can insert a microSD card and remove the battery – but the whole phone still feels as premium as the phone it shares a letter with.

The HTC Desire X will be available in black or white – and while we certainly prefer the white version, we know it’s not going to stay that pristine for long.

HTC Desire X hands on review

HTC Desire X hands on review: display

A WVGA Super LCD display may not be quite the cream of the crop in the smartphone world, but it’s relatively bright, detailed and colours look good. And at 4in, it’s large enough to browse websites without needing giant pockets. The ppi count may be lower than that of its pricier cousins, but we had no initial complaints.

HTC Desire X hands on review

HTC Desire X hands on review: performance

Thanks to a 1Ghz dual core processor, which happens to be a variant of the very fast S4 SnapDragon chip found in the HTC One S – plus a few tweaks to the Sense 4.0 user-interface overlay and 768MB of memory – the HTC Desire X is one smooth operator. Incredibly smooth, in fact. Given that it’s a mid-range device, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich glides along surprisingly well.

Apps and other features such as the internet browser and camera load very quickly, too – making the Desire X feel more like a slightly de-tuned One X than a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Unless you expect the very best, we doubt you will be disappointed.

HTC Desire X hands on review

HTC Desire X hands on review: camera

Without lots of time, it was hard to ascertain how capable the camera is – but the few shots we took were relatively detailed and colours looked accurate. We did spot a bit of blurring when taking photos of a passing car, though, but nothing too damming.

In terms of features, burst mode and ‘best shot’ features are present and correct. Like its more premium HTC stablemates, the Desire X’s F2.0 5MP snapper can even record video and take photos at the same time. A five-level flash and BSI censor round off a very positive camera package. Just don’t expect full 1080p HD video recording, as you’ll be sorely disappointed.

HTC Desire X hands on review

HTC Desire X hands on review: verdict

Usually the thought of a mid-range device leaves us a little uninspired. A trusty budget handset and a top-end beast can wow you much more easily than Mr middle-of-the-road of Average-upon-Trent. But a combination of the One X‘s fantastic styling and a large battery in a much more affordable package leaves us feeling just a tad impressed. It looks like the days of ugly HTC blowers could be over.

HTC Desire X hands on review

Ultimately, the Desire X feels like a premium piece of kit, and it shouldn’t dent your wallet as much as you might think. HTC says it will cost less than the One V but more than the budget Desire C, which suggests it’ll be available for less than US$300. Well under half the price of the mighty One X, but not leagues apart in terms of performance? That sounds like a winner to us.

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    I bought a HTC oneX on 30th jun 2012 in sangeetha in BTM layout Bangalore. Within 38 days, there was a black streak in the display. My friend bought another from same store a month later. Now when he displays phonelist, the last portion of the display looks like some one has erased a portion with erasor.

    When i went to HTC co service centre they said it will take 10 days but another authorised service centre will do it quickly. I later realised they do it to cheat customers coz the pvt centre called after 4 days n said the display problem is not covered in warranty n i hav to pay Rs 6300! When i refused they gave me service help line. These guys are not only useless but unproffessional. They committed to get free correction within two days but after two weeks am still stuck! Not just that, After one week they called to say the phone is ready. when i go there, the defect is not only there still but increased. When i call back help line they say actually they are still waiting for approval n dont know who infomed me that phone is ready. Two days ago they called to tell that they can give me 50% discount on repair! I said go ahead and i will claim it back later. today they call and say they can give only 40%!! I wanted to speak to manager as to why they going bak on their earlier offer? They said he will call bck in 5 min. No call for two hours. When i call back again i am on hold for 10 min n they hang up!

    I made a complaint on their website n sent mail to their service email id. i get one automated reply!


    MY HTC HANDSET NO SH25MW101071 ESCALATION NO C2012009157501

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