Everything we know about the new Apple iPhone 5 so far

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Apple‘s new iPhone 5 will be the biggest launch of the year. Of course, as with all new Apple products, the interweb is full of wild rumour and speculation as to what the Cupertino-based company might launch next. We’ve heard rumours of a bigger 4in screen on the new iPhone, a slimmer body, a new micro-dock and built-in NFC (or similar Apple-branded wireless tech).

Here’s everything we know about the new Apple iPhone 5 so far:

The new Apple iPhone 5 will have a 4in screen

New photos (the best-looking ones yet) of Apple’s new iPhone 5 have been stopped by Chinese Apple blog, Apple.pro. The new images, supposedly of the larger front panel, show a larger, taller 4in screen. The images suggest that the new iPhone will have a true 16:9 aspect ratio, but still resemble the iPhone 4s

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The new Apple iPhone 5 will take a Nano-SIM

European mobile carriers are stockpiling the Apple-designed nano-SIM card, in anticipation of the iPhone 5’s launch.

As yet there’s been no word from Apple on when the iPhone 5 will hit the streets – but the Financial Timescites sources who claim that the carriers are building up stockpiles of nano-SIM cards numbering in the millions, to meet the expected demand for Apple’s next wonder-phone…

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The new Apple iPhone 5 will be slimmer

You wouldn’t call the iPhone 4S tubby – coming in at a pretty trim 9.3mm – but Apple appears to be pulling out all the stops to make the new iPhone 5 the slimmest ever Apple mobile.

The tech wizards of Cupertino are using in-cell touch panels to slim down the device’s screen, according toThe Wall Street Journal’s sources that say

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The new Apple iPhone will launch in September…

Apple’s iPhone 5 should go on sale this September with an expected announcement at the Apple WWDC on June 11th.

Pegatron, an Apple manufacturer, has just received orders for the new iPhone 5 with a launch date of September. We’re hoping to see it on June 11th but it looks like getting our own might take a little longer than expected

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…along with an iPad Mini

Rumours of an iPad Mini are continuing to rain down on us, with the the latest titbit of information arriving courtesy of Bloomberg, whose sources with ‘knowledge of the plans’ report of an iPad with a screen between 7-8in.

This falls nicely in line with the recent speculation of an iPad Mini with a thinner 7.85in Sharp-made display, although Bloomberg’s sources contradict previous rumours of a Retina Display, claiming that Apple wants to keep prices competitive

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The new Apple iPhone 5 will pack NFC for wireless payments

The new Apple iPhone 5 will be sporting wireless NFC technology and a higher-resolution screen to put it on par with other super-phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S3and Galaxy Nexus. This comes from clues found by the clever clogs at 9to5Mac, hidden in code currently being written for two new iPhone prototypes tucked safely away at Apple HQ

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The new Apple iPhone 5 will have a smaller dock connector

Just bought a brand new iPhone dock? Bad news – the iPhone 5 looks like it will come rocking a newer, smaller 19-pin dock connector instead of the current 30-pin cord on existing iPhone, iPad and iPod

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What the new Apple iPhone 5 might look like

Check out the gallery below for every render, leaked image, concept or cocktail-napkin drawing of the iPhone 5 that we could find.

What do you think the iPhone 5 will look like? Let us know of Twitter or Facebook.

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