Why won’t The Dark Knight Rises be out until August 16 in the UAE?

Posted July 10, 2012 by Stuff Staff in Featured

As global hype builds for the new Batman: The Dark Knight rises flick – bat-fans around the UAE will be forced to hide their heads, lest come into contact with film-ruining spoilers from social media and reviews from around the world.

Yes, while the rest of the world enjoys Christopher Nolan’s latest Batman flick on July 20, those of us in the Emirates will be forced to wait over three weeks before finally seeing the film on August 16.

The film has been delayed until the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan, despite being one of the most highly anticipated films of the year. The previous bat-flick, Dark Knight rises, grossed a whopping US$2.8 million when it launched around the Emirates four years ago, and remains one of the UAE’s all-time top grossing films. It’s a shame then, that Batman fans around the UAE will be forced to wait for the conclusion of this, the latest Batman saga.

We’re not sure why The Dark Knight has been delayed until August 16 (Grand Cinemas lists two films coming out during The Holy Month: Brake and The Woman in the Fifth). It might be down to no concessions being sold during the day (meaning no money being made from drinks, popcorn, nachos and the like) or maybe a decision passed down by the UAE government.

We’ve contacted both Reel Cinemas and Grand Cinemas in the UAE to find out more. Stay tuned – updates as we get them will appear below:

UPDATE #1: Apparently the distributor Shooting Stars has decided to postpone the date to coincide with Eid because that’s “the best time to release blockbusters”.

UPDATE #2: There’s an online petition here, addressed to Warner Bros. and Shooting Stars asking to release The Dark Knight rises in the UAE on time. Sign it, bat-fans!

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    The same thing is happening in Jordan, and Ramadan is in fact the reason why it’s coming out in August. The same thing happened with Captain America and Harry Potter last summer.


    Im really happy that this was brought into attention. For me, its not about the delay, its about the unavoidable spoilers on the Internet. Although this may be irrelevant, I hope Stuff Middle East can help release the film early. Anyways, thanks for bringing this up on your website !


    no no no no :( not fair !!

    Khaled Badr

    Also Delayed in Egypt !!!

    Mohamed Yosry

    Not just in UAE but in Egypt too . It’s in all Middle East .So that’s all about drinks and popcorn!!!!!? OH GOD :S

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