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Posted May 21, 2012 by Stuff Staff in News

Every week our intrepid staff take a break from putting the magazine together and wake up before dawn (it certainly seems like that sometimes) to join Catboy and GeordieBird on Dubai 92’s breakfast show. Here’s what we talked about this week:

Kindergarden teacher earns US$700,000 by selling lesson plans online

Teaching isn’t known to be a lucrative profession, but online marketplace Teachers Pay Teachers is changing that for some educators. Deanna Jump, a kindergarten teacher from Georgia, has made $700,000 selling her lesson plans on Teachers Pay Teachers, an ecommerce startup where teachers offer their lesson plans to fellow educators.
[via Mashable]

Here’s a sofa that encourages you to lose things between the cushions

Even though the cushions on your couch can be a black hole for everything from pocket change to the TV remote, they’re also ahandy place to quickly hide stuff when company visits. And it’s that exact idea that inspired Jess Fügler’s Jam Sofa.
[via Gizmodo]

The flatpack nightstand is a brilliant portable accessory

If you travel a lot and live life from one hotel room to the next, this collapsible portable night stand will bring some much needed consistency to your nomadic lifestyle. Forget toiletries, this is the first thing we’re packing for our next trip.
[via Gizmodo]

This stylish sun shade is the easiest way to harness solar power for your home

If you like the idea of getting free energy from the sun, but don’t want to deal with the complications of installing a solar array on your roof, Umbrosa has created a lovely backyard sun shade that does double-duty—turning those rays into electricity.
[via Gizmodo]

Why the Facebook IPO won’t make you rich

It’s Facebook IPO day! After months of SEC reviews and roadshows and profiteering, FB will finally take its place in the Nasdaq menagerie when markets open at 9:30 EST. Time to start digging up your backyard bullion stash, right? Wrong. For the average guy the Facebook IPO is strictly Like, don’t touch.
[via Gizmodo]

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