Hot Five: Best summer watches

Posted April 18, 2012 by Stuff Staff in Life Etc

5 of the best summer watches

Kisai On Air Acetate LED
Tokyo Flash timepieces normally strive to make telling the time as difficult an ordeal as possible, but its latest On Air offering actually makes it a rather simple affair. The minutes are displayed numerically and move around the clock face according to the hour. Simple right? Even better is the watch’s touchscreen, which allows you to access date and alarm functions with few simple finger taps. Fancy stuff.

5 of the best summer watches

Ora Unica
At first glance this watch might look like a piece from the defect pile, but the squiggly lines do in fact mark the hours and the minutes. Two lines are printed on separate transparent circular discs so that they can move independently of each other, allowing you to decipher the time at your leisure.

5 of the best summer watches

NIKE+ SportWatch GPS Powered by TomTom
It’s beach weather, which means you’ll soon have no excuses for sitting indoors all day playing Skyrim. What better incentive to get your neglected abs into shape for the surf than this TomTom-powered GPS watch which measures a plethora of running data, including your route, speed and distance travelled. It’ll even nagremind you when it’s been a while since your last run, which is nice we suppose.

5 of the best summer watches

Oakley Elite Full Metal Jacket
If a Chuck Norris/Liam Neeson hybrid were ever to exist, then this would be its watch of choice. One glance at Oakley’s behemoth is all it takes to know that it will long outlast the owner of the wrist it adorns, thanks to its solid tank-like titanium construction. You can even convert it into a pocket-watch for fancy dinner parties (when you’re not too busy wrestling bears that is).

5 of the best summer watches

Philippe Starck PH1123
This orange wrist-hugger should add a nice dash of colour to your summer attire while its simple face and ease-of-use shouldn’t distract you from country picnics or lake rowing shenanigans. It’s also water resistant, which is handy for running through sprinklers.


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    where can we buy this watch “kisai on air acetate led” and swatch chrono? our location is in abu dhabi, UAE.

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