BlackBerry App World goes live in the UAE

Posted March 30, 2011 by Stuff Staff in News

BlackBerry App World, RIM’s app-friendly service for BlackBerry devices, has just been turned on in the UAE. Previously, when you tried to download the app store, or even access a built-in version of BlackBerry App World, the service was blocked or ‘not available in our region’. Not anymore, it seems.

We’ve just installed BlackBerry App World on an old Etisalat BlackBerry 8520 we have lying around the office. We’ve also tested it on other devices, and it’s app success every time.

There have been rumors floating around the Middle East tech scene for a while that BlackBerry would soon-be-launching its app store, timed to coincided with the appearance of the PlayBook in April. Either they’ve decided to flip the switch early, or the BlackBerry tablet is soon to make its debut in the region.

BlackBerry App World was given a refresh last year, letting developers charge US$0.99 and US$1.99 for their apps. You can use all major credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard, but that’s not to say there’s no free ones, either. Login to the App World for top 25 lists of free apps, paid apps, new apps and recently updates apps. There’s also a section for themes, letting you skin your BB on the inside, too.

We’ve asked BlackBerry Middle East for an official statement – until then though, we’ll keep loading our BlackBerry with apps.

Does BlackBerry App World work for you? Try downloading it here, then let us know how it went in the comments below.

[UPDATE we just dispatched our ninja-like spies to BlackBerry’s Middle East HQ. They broke in and got word that this is just the testing phase of BlackBerry App World. They said access would soon be cut, giving would-be app downloaders just hours to fill their BB’s to the brim with applications from the store. Flicking the switch on App World for a very public test is good news, it means RIM is sure to launch BlackBerry App World sometime this month, maybe as early as next week]

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    Arvin Bala

    Yes i can confirm that on the Du network it DOES work!!!


    Hi, can you guys ask them when will BlackBerry Protect be activated here in the UAE? Thanks.


    it worked for one day .. and now it doesn’t work again .. that sucks


    yes its doesnt works anymore!! its Crap!! very wrong!!


    Still not working! So all totally lie!!


    not working! same error messages!


    its started working !!!!!
    it worked before for only one day but guess what it started working again!!!!


    lol like we if they

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