Acer tablets to outsell Apple iPads by 2014

Posted November 29, 2010 by Stuff Staff in News

That’s according to Acer’s head honcho, Gianfranco Lanci, who claims that while the iPad‘s mega-sales are slowing, Acer‘s recent foray into the world of touchscreen tablets will overtake the Apple’s tablet within the next 2-3 years.

Just last week, Acer announced two new Android tablets along with a 10.1in Windows 7-runner. Lanci went on to say, “We hope our tablet PCs can reach a global market share of 10-20% initially, and become the market leader in two to three years.” Big claims considering the mighty iPad has sold 7.5 million since its launch in April (with a fresh iPad 2 coming next April).

According to Digitimes, Lanci isn’t impressed with Apple‘s tablet, saying “Sales of iPad pushed forward very fast initially, but have slowed down in the past few weeks”. With Christmas on the way, we’d consider changing that statement come December 25th.

Apple currently has over 95 per cent of the tablet market sewn up, although Samsung‘s Galaxy Tab is looking to snatch back some market share. No doubt, there will be throngs of Android tablets inbound for CES, all vying for a sweet piece of that tablet pie. Who will get the lion’s share?

The smart money is on Apple‘s iPad 2 to dominate, much like its smartphones have, but what do you think? Would you buy an Acer Android tablet over Apple’s iPad? Let us know in the comments below:

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    Let them dream I will buy iPad any time over acerbic and even when I’m closing my eye there is a different between Mercedes and bicycle sorry Acer

    Tom Waller

    Apple Mac products have style and some say they are very well built. BUT they are vastly overpriced for the technology inside and they are stuffed full of propitiatory items of hard ware and software which force you to keep shopping inside the Apple Mac empire.

    Acer tablets will out perform and have more features than any iPad and at a reduced price, so I would not be so quick off the mark Apple Fans to think that Apple can hold on to the sweet spot in Tablets or Mobile phones over the next 10 years. Allready Acer are using the Google Android OS which is cheaper than Mac OS by a mile and are offering Windows for those Microsoft users. If I was an Apple Share holder, I would be buying Acer shares about now just in case!


    Got an A500 10.1 tablet. It’s brilliant! A REAL alternative to the ipad imho

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