How to: Get Android on your Windows mobile

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Tired of Windows Mobile? Regretting not getting an Android-powered phone? If you think your mobile is amazing, but Windows Mobile’s quirky crashes and tiresome loading spoils it all (Yes, HD2 owners, we’re talking to you), then let Stuff be your guide to downloading, flashing and running your new Android-running hybrid.

But first a warning, going through your mobile’s nuts and bolts can brick your mobile and void the warranty. Still, if you stick to the steps below – you shouldn’t have a problem.

A lot of people are unaware that you can put Android on your buggy Windows Mobile 6.5 phone. That’s somewhat true, you can’t stick Android on any old smartphone, but an increasing number of handsets have been rooted successfully to install certain Android flavours. Most people think it’s really mind-boggling to even attempt an install, or that they risk bricking (exactly what it sounds like – your phone will become as useful as a building block) their phone, but that’s not quite right.

Installing Android is easier than it looks, and as long as you read our instructions and take the necessary precautions, it’s as easy as copy and paste (for some models). The peeps at xda-developers have done an outstanding job at breaking down and explaining every step in flashing your phone. Most of the instructions written down in this guide are from various threads in the forum – we’re just pointing you in the right direction.

The first thing you need to know is that every phone has its own way of doing this – there’s no one-way-fits-all here. If you come across a term you don’t understand, check out this guide.

The first thing we have to do is to go over to the xda-developers forum here and search for your mobile. It has millions of members and posts and will become your go-to-guide when it comes to flashing. If your phone is able to run Android on it, your phone’s sub-forum will have an ‘Android Development’ section.

Most of the Android Development sections have a ‘Stickies’ thread. This is where you find most of the info you’ll be needing. Read that thread for a step by step guide on how to run Android on your phone.

The installation guide for HTC Blackstone, HTC Diamond, HTC Diamond 500, HTC Fuze, HTC Raphael, HTC Raphael 800, HTC Rhodium, HTC Tilt 2 and HTC Topaz can be found here and a FAQ can be found here.

Guides for the HTC G2 can be found here. Other guides can be found in their respective forums at xda.

For HD2 users, here’s the super-easy way of putting Android on your phone. Download this file and extract the file. Make sure you have at least 70 per cent battery. Remove the SIM card from the phone and you’re ready to go.

You might find that your phone will need to sync multiple times. What that means is you have to start up Windows Mobile Device Center (if you sync up your HD2 to your PC you should already have it, if not – you can download it from here and connect your phone through it.

Step 1
Sync your phone and browse to the HSPL folder and start up HSPL3_PKG.exe. Keep pressing next until the update starts. Do NOT touch the phone until update is over.

Step 2
Sync your phone and browse to the CUSTOM ROM folder and start up ruu.exe. Keep pressing next until the update starts. Do NOT touch the phone until update is over.

Step 3
Sync your phone and browse to the RADIO and start up CustomRUU.exe. Keep pressing next until the update starts. Do NOT touch the phone until update is over.

Step 4
Extract and copy it’s content to the MicroSD card folder of your phone via cable or with a MicroSD adapter.

Step 5
Open File Explorer on your phone, browse to the Storage Card and open the Android folder. Select CLRCAD.EXE then run HaRet.exe. Remember to run CLRCAD.exe first as this gives Android Sound. Don’t worry if it does nothing – it’s not supposed to. The first time you load Android, it might take as long as 10 minutes to boot up – so don’t worry if the phone stops responding.

We’ve also included Darkstone HD2Froyo ROM in the zip file; it’s a version that doesn’t have HTC’s Sense interface. It’s a good idea to play around with different ROMs available at the HD2 Android Development forum. Since it’s still in development stage, certain apps might not work (though most applications should be fine). A complete log of what does not work can usually be found in the ROM thread’s first post.

The whole process should take about 15 to 20 minutes and you’ll be rewarded with an Android OS that’s far better than the current Windows Mobile. Remember, Android on HD2 is still a work in progress and improving all the time, so check the forums regularly for updates.

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    Buggy windows mobile? what version have you been using on your hd2?


    I’ve gotten to step 5, but CLRCAD.EXE and HaRet.exe are not in the Android Folder, what do I do?

    Ryan Cordero

    Actually you don’t even have to void the warranty. I have my phone hspl, but my gf’s is bone stock rom, radio and spl. Running. ANDROIDMEDAULTIMATE 1.2 flawlessly and echo free.

    Here’s another good tip, sync your microsoft exchange with google’s servers so your contacts are ready for your android switch over!


    If any of you guys reading this have problems, head over to XDA Developers now, theres a ton of resource over there and if your really stuck, some helpful and friendly peeps.

    As Ryan has said above, depending on what stock rom your running (including radio) you dont need to hardspl. I have UK stock 3.14 rom with radio and i can run froyo next sense 2.7 no probs from my 8gb class 6 microsd ;)

    Of course, if you have an older rom or different radio (Android doesn’t run on radios with x.xx.51.xx for example – i tried ;) ) then you will have to flash a different radio hence the need for hardspl.

    Thanks Stuff, great write up.

    XDA Senior Moderator


    ” but Windows Mobile’s quirky crashes and tiresome loading spoils it all (Yes, HD2 owners, we’re talking to you), ”

    You have never tried a HD2, i have non of the above problem you tell like many other HD2 owners and friends of mine.
    So plz skip the bullshit, this is just downright unprofessional journalissm and darn right offencive (to me at least). Ok for people wanna try somthing new, for somthing receving better updates since WM development have stopped (Or so it seems at least, MS have said they still supports it though) etc, but WM 6.5 works great for me and friends.

    Sorry for spelling, not from UK or US.


    is there another link to the file for the HD2 the one on mega upload doesn’t work


    After installing android, can you just go back to WM without loosing any of the previous data you had in it? I mean you’re running android out of the memory card!


    @peter : No, you will not lose any data from you Windows Mobile. If you want to go back to WM, simply reboot the device.

    @santa : thank you


    Has anyone already succesfully got android working?


    This Android download for my HD2 was working great for the first week. Now it will not load at all. When I try to load HARET, I get an error message telling me the certificate may not be trusted or one of its components is missing. Hopefully a reinstall will fix this cause it was really doing so much better the Windows 6.5


    Is there also a possibility to replace this Android version with Windows Mobile 6.5?


    Well, I’m seriously considering this, but how safe is it? As “S” asked, has anyone really got this successfully working? Is this generally recommended, is it worth the risk? How large is the risk of making a “brick” out of a much needed tool?

    What are the pros and cons bro’s?

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