Hot new HTC phone this September

Posted August 17, 2010 by Thomas Shambler in Featured

File this under ‘rumour and speculation’ but the interwebs are alight with news of the HTC Desire HD, or would that be the HTC G1 Blaze?

Stuff has just been invited to an HTC-hosted shindig in London on September the 15th. Not much more is known, other than the words appearing on the invitation, ‘Come see what HTC has dreamt up in London’. Following leaked images of the HTC Desire HD and HTC’s Windows 7-running handsets last week, we may be looking at the first launch of Microsoft‘s new OS (or a bigger-screened Desire).

Or it could be something else, there are rumours of the G1 Blaze (also known as the HTC Vision) as a follow-up to the world’s first Android mobile, the T-Mobile G1. The G1 was touted as the HTC Dream for a while, which gives this claim some credibility with the ‘dreampt’ reference in the invitation.

Still – this is all speculation at this point – but we’ll be bringing you the latest info from London on the 15th. Until then, let the rumour mill grind away.

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    I am liking the whole “Dream” and “Dreamt” connection. As a G1 (“HTC Dream”) user, that is the first thing I thought of as I read the line. Coming up on 2 years since the G1, and time for all of us using it to finally get to upgrade to a new Android phone, it would be great marketing. Yes, my G1 is slow now, but I love the phone, and especially the keyboard! A new, super-upgraded G1? You have my 2 year contract renewal right now! Show me where to sign!

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