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Posted August 5, 2010 by Stuff Staff in News

More stats (yay, statistics), this time from the NPD Group on the state of the Google’s Android. According to the statistics analyzer, Android-powered devices are now outselling the iPhone and BlackBerry, making Android the biggest-selling mobile OS in the US right now.

NPD puts the three at 33 per cent for Android, 28 per cent for RIM and 22 per cent for Apple. The rest made up from your Symbian and TouchWiz (read: other) operating systems.

Of course, this is US only for the meantime. We’d say there were more BlackBerry‘s in the UAE (until October), then iPhones and finally, in a low last place, Android. Agree with us? Let us know in the comment box.

[via Mashable]

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    Here Android is being stifled by not enough good devices and lack of Android Marketplace. So obviously it’s being sold less. For e.g. htc Desire was launched internationally in April, but is just breaking ground in the UAE, that too at an unreasonably high price. Google’s Nexus One was ‘crippled’ without Android Marketplace, and again too highly priced to gain ground. There’s also no real promotion or coverage given in mainstream press by the manufacturers about Android. I smell a rat!!!


    I’ve used BB and iphone heavily in the past. Started using android since etisalat launched the magic early december 2009. Im now using legend. Best hardware and software combination ever. Will continue to use android and can’t wait see more updates in the future. A very happy and extremely satisfied android user. Highly recommended…. a true iphone killer

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