Monster Jamz are unbreakable earbuds

Posted July 22, 2010 by Stuff Staff in Featured

We just scored a pair of Monster Jamz to review – and were told they were night unbreakable. We were on our way out the door to the Stuff Destruction room (it’s down in the basement next to the Stuff Danger room) when we spotted these two videos on YouTube.

Are the Jamz really indestructible? Well they’re pretty adept at living through hammers and forklifts.

See for yourself:



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    hhhh srsly u r testing it
    u guys cant break headsets

    i guess im a pro at it
    ive ruined more than 10 headsets and im 17

    i tries
    pjilips wirless
    apple headset
    ifrogz headset
    cheap chinese
    bluetooth headset from carrefor

    and alot more
    im now using iluv headset/
    i want the zagg headset but is this moree powerful
    ive heard zagg has even a special cord ?

    which is best
    and can i have this


    There shit they broke after 2 weeks of having them

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