Why Skype is blocked in the UAE

Posted June 10, 2010 by Thomas Shambler in Features

That title is a little misleading, we asked, but never did get to the bottom of why Skype.com is blocked in the UAE. No one at Skype has a clue. But we did get to sit down (well – talk over Skype) with Rouzbeh Pasha, Skype’s regional manager in the Middle East and Africa.

For a bit of background – this all started with Skype’s 2.0 iPhone app launch in the UAE. We were curious as to how the official app could work out here, with Skype.com and most downloads to the Skype PC and Mac software banned. How did it get around the UAE’s censors, and why is it banned in the first place?

Here’s how it went:

Stuff: First off, why is Skype banned in the UAE?

R:  Well, it’s not actually banned. You see, blocking the Skype software is very hard to do. Once installed, it uses public internet packages to send data, it’s the same data as browsing the web for example. What we think happened in the UAE is Skype.com has been added to a list of blocked domains. That means when on an internet connection based in the UAE, you can’t access the website. You can still use the software though, and make free Skype calls to any other user or phone around the world.

Is Skype doing anything about it? Prank calling the service providers, perhaps?

Yes we trying, and we’re taking baby-steps in the right direction. Of course we are against our URL being banned in the region. We feel that Skype is for the public interest, letting users communicate with others around the world at no cost. Unfortunately, the Middle East and African region is a big one and we can’t concentrate all our efforts on one country alone.

Is Skype big in the rest of the region?

That’s hard to say. You see, Skype doesn’t monitor usage as a matter of principle. Once you download Skype and create a profile, you can talk to anyone or go anywhere to use it. We don’t want to discriminate against users (so not allow it in certain blocked or banned countries) or breach their privacy in any way.

Better question, do you think not having Skype is hurting the UAE?

We don’t know about that, but I would think that any country that tries to be a world leader and at the cutting-edge would eventually realize Skype’s potential. We’re about creating a better community through free communication, by using some of the best technology available. If you want to be the best car country, for example, you wouldn’t import all the best cars and then stick a horse on the front. If you want to be a leader in telecommunications, why block Skype?

Do you think it’s because it sees you as competition? You’re stealing their profit?

I really wouldn’t know. You would have to ask those responsible for Skype.com being banned.

So you’ve just launched Skype 2.0 for the iPhone – it gives you calls over 3G – any chance that it will be hitting BlackBerry and the Android platforms soon?

We love making Skype mobile, and if we can get it over 3G and not just Wi-Fi, all the better. But there’s two ways we are dealing with mobile platforms. Obviously, we have the simple download option. You’ve seen that in the app for the iPhone and also on Symbian. We hope to have an official Skype app on the Android Market by the end of the year. That’s the first way. The second, has to do with BlackBerry devices. Skype for BlackBerry uses a lot more of the back-end services of your service provider. That means we need to discuss it with them, which can take a while, before we can go ahead and develop one. We currently have an application with Verizon, in the US.

If Skype.com is banned, not to mention a load of websites that host the Skype program, how do you think it made it into the UAE’s Apple App Store?

The Skype program is hosted on our website, but our mobile downloads are not on that URL. For the App Store – it’s hosted somewhere else (Apple has it). So while Skype might be on that list of blocked domains I mentioned before, the iPhone app isn’t on it. In this case, it’s hosted by Apple, so only it can approve or unapprove a particular app.

So enough about the UAE, what’s next for Skype? Better sound? Video quality? Spill it

User experience is key for us, so we’re going to be listening to our users and what they need. The Skype app for the iPhone is a good example of this, users wanted to make calls when away from Wi-Fi areas, so we built-in 3G capability. We want Skype to be the only form of internet communication, and we’re going to try our best to make that happen. I mean, look at the next generation of internet-ready TVs just coming out. Many have a Skype application built-in that means in the future, hopefully, users will be able to make Skype calls from the sofa, and not have to sit in front of a PC or hold their smartphone in the air. That’s what our users want.

So let’s talk multiple video conferencing, when’s that going to happen? [thanks @benjackthomas from Twitter]

It’s already available, but in the next app’s beta. The beta is available from the Skype.com website, so won’t be available to any UAE users. Sorry. Video conferencing is built-in with the beta, but we think it might become a premium feature when released.

Premium feature, so you’re going to charge for it? We’ve heard rumours that Skype might start charging for calls over 3G in 2011, that true?

We will be pushing out a range of premium content, but we are moving slowly. We want to make sure we price it properly, as per the needs of our users. We don’t want to go charging huge amounts for features that only a small amount of Skype users will make the most of. We think multiple video conferencing is one of those features, perfect for business and power-users, but not needed for everyone.

As you probably know (who doesn’t?) the iPhone 4 was announced on Monday. It has a new video conferencing feature called FaceTalk. Do you think that’s competition for Skype?

There’s nothing wrong with competition. It forces us to be even better than we already are, and of the competition-.


And there we have it – if you want Skype you’ll have to download it outside the country, get a mate to send it to you (he must also be outside the UAE) or use some handy software to get around the UAE’s blocked content (but remember, that’s not allowed and it might get you in trouble). Either that, or get an iPhone (or wait until the iPhone 4 hits with its front-facing cam).

About the Author

Thomas Shambler

Editor of Stuff in the Middle East. Known for his witty reviews and insightful comments on some of the world’s coolest kit, he is responsible for putting together the magazine, testing the newest tech, and writing features at the laser-cut edge of the gadget world. Thomas also makes regular broadcast appearances during which he gives friendly advice and warns the world of the impending robot Armageddon.



    Few years back, I bought a SanDisk 2GB Cruzer Micro USB Flash Drive with U3 platform. There are pre-installed applications including Skype. It’s really cool because i could use Skype here in the Middle East without going to the blocked website and not even installing it in my PC. All I need to do is plug in my flash drive, login to Skype and wallah I am now connnected… :)


    There is a misconception that Skype cannot be downloaded in Dubai. Well it can, through various other sites other than Skype.com. One of my favorites is Filehippo.com. You can even get Skype Beta version, No need for fussing about trying to get it sent from abroad. The beta version still needs a bit of work, especially with Windows 7 OS but is working quite well. Video conferencing works great.

    Ibrahim Najmi

    Well making calls is also now blocked in UAE from Skype. the app will connect fine but you will not be able to make any calls with it. be it Skype to Skype or Skype to Phone


    Actually, I recently used Skype a couple of times from the UAE, so it is not blocked from use in Abu Dhabi. I can’t update the software, but I can use the version I downloaded back home, no problem.


    One month ago I could use Skype to phone calls back to Europe (anywhere), now this has been completely blocked. Is this because of ‘lack of competition’? I have skype installed on my IP4s & laptop, neither work.


    Here we go again . The brave elders of our supposed free society attempt to stop the advance of free society. I do not know why we as a worldwide nation should allow the controllers of our domain the license to block the free advancement of technology in our interest and for our benefit . We can judge that it has some commercial interest (for them) but it is time to wake up and see the writing on the wall. Your time is nigh. Admit defeat and work towards making a new advance, a completely open interconnecting society. We don’t steal, tell lies,kill or kidnap,make the poor poorer or run false bank accounts….suffer the children to come unto me,


    I dont know how to creat new account for skype whilei am in UAE as i tried alot in different ways but it does not work till now . on which search engine do i get the page to create my new account for skype .

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    I think it’s banned cos it’s free calls and etisalat wont make any money from international calls if everyone has Skype


    Nearly every expat I know in the U.A.E. has a monthly subscription to a VPN provider.
    Few bucks a month to never have to worry about whether Skype/Youtube/Facebook are working or not. Also means you can watch TV channels from the UK & US without having to watch bloody OSN. http://www.laptoptelly.com ive been using for a while now, connection seems ok most of the time.

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    Nice article. What is the most popular VPN server country that people connect to?


    Due to the distance from US/UK you will need a fast speed VPN in the UAE for a good connection for unblocking and watching BBC content etc here.

    I’m using http://www.anglovpn.com for UK use

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