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Posted May 31, 2010 by Stuff Staff in Reviews

Hot on the heels of its recent wireless announcement, we’ve bagged a review unit of the Inspire S2. But is it worth its weight in wirelessness or should Creative have stuck with the cords?

Wireless speakers are great in theory, and if you go for the top-level kit you won’t be disappointed. The problem is, that most wireless systems are expensive and sometimes a hassle to set up. Not so for the Inspire S2s. This 2.1 speaker system costs just US$150 (a tad expensive for a 2.1 system until you remember that there’s no wires here) and includes a separate subwoofer.

The whole package is faily slim and light, although the sub is a lot bigger than the two satellite speakers, which are simply tiny in comparison. One of the speakers has a headphone and aux-in for connecting other media devices (like those that don’t pack Bluetooth) as well as power and volume buttons.

The problem with these speakers however, is that they aren’t really wireless. You see, there are cables wired into the two satellite speakers, which connect to the subwoofer. The sub also has a power cord – meaning the whole set up is wired together. The wireless bit comes in the form of A2DP Bluetooth from your mobile, media player or computer, but Creative want you to stick these speakers in a fixed location.

Just in case your PC or Mac is without Bluetooth, the S2 comes with a handy USB dongle that will automatically get your computer up to Bluetooth speed (although you might have to go into audio settings and allow Bluetooth tune compatibility). It has a range of 30 feet, which is handy if you tend to move around the house, but walls naturally bring that signal down.

The best bit about this micro-system, was the sound. Set up takes a bit of time, and getting Bluetooth to work might have you pulling out your hair, but once sorted and you’ve got the music blasting, all will be forgiven. We promise. Each speaker gives you a good amount of bass and a decent range. They were loud too, more than we expected for a dinky system like this.

Stuff says
Set up can be a hassle and they’re not 100 per cent wireless, but get them set up and you won’t be disappointed.

Tech specs
Price US$145
Power Mains only
PC/Mac connectivity Yes/yes
Works with iPhone Yes
Remote control No
Inputs A2DP Stereo Bluetooth, 3.5mm aux-input
Size 73x73x104mm, sub:

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