Second-gen iPhone 4G spotted

Posted May 12, 2010 by Thomas Shambler in Features

Steve Jobs must be seething at the moment with news that another iPhone 4G has leaked, this time in Vietnam.

First seen on Vietnamese blog Taoviet (the site may be down due to the ridiculous amount of traffic it’s getting) this 16GB model looks much like the earlier prototype that caused so much chaos in California, earlier in the month. It looks almost exactly the same in fact, however the screws on the backside have disapeared.

We reckon this is unit is almost production-ready, so you can expect whatever gets released by Apple in June to look a lot like this.

The Vietnamese have also got involved in the insides of the unit, where there’s an Apple processor (no doubt from the same family as the iPad‘s Apple-made chipset) and a sticker saying N90. It’s rumored that N90 is the iPhone 4′s codename in Cupertino.

We think Apple needs to plug a few holes (and stop giving its units to engineers that leave them in bars) in its security division.

What would you do if you found one of Apple’s next-gen devices? Give it back? Or blog the pants off it for the entire world to see?

(it’s the latter for us).


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    i would give it back
    if they give me a mac and a lifetime moblie me account


    I’ll keep it as long as it is works the same as the original.

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